NOGA DG10533 Magnetic Indicator Base, 60mm Base Length

$ 130.00

Item Description

Noga Engineering has set the standard in holding systems, deburring tools, and cutting fluid applicators for years. Committed to high-quality manufacturing, innovation, and customer loyalty, Noga focuses on unique product design and development, ensuring prompt service throughout their range. With a global presence in over 60 countries, Noga products have gained trust worldwide. Explore our website to shop the full range, including this versatile DG10533 model. It can hold stem diameters of 3/8" and dovetail configurations. It features top and bottom arm lengths of 3.98" and 4.33" respectively, fine adjustment feature located on the base, and a strong holding power of 176 lbs. The DG10533 exemplifies Noga's commitment to excellence. Made in Israel, this product combines reliability and convenience, enhancing your work around the shop.

Product Specifications
3 lbs
Model #
Holds Stem Diameter
3/8" and dovetail
Top Arm Length
Bottom Arm Length
Fine Adjustment
Bottom (Metal)
Holding Power
176 Ibs.
Auto Power
On/off mag.base

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