Mitutoyo Data Management + Ideal Precision Expertise = ... September 24 2019

Mitutoyo Data Management + Ideal Precision Expertise

Why Buy Demo/Used/Recon September 27 2016

Exciting News! We are moving in a few months to a larger facility right next door to our current building. The pending move has inspired us to create a Demo/Used/Reconditioned page to CLEARANCE our overstock of high quality precision measuring instruments that we have collected over the years - indicators, micrometers, calipers, height gages and more. It's time to share these GEMS! 5 TOP REASONS TO BUY DEMO/USED/RECONDITIONED TOOLS VALUE: HUGE SAVINGS on trusted brands and...

Gage Maker Tolerance Chart May 22 2014

Although not yet available through our online shop, we do sell many forms of fixed limit gaging.  We offer cylindrical gaging, thread gaging, and many attribute gage designs from a variety of gage makers.  Feel free to check out our LINE CARD to see all the makers of gaging we represent. Below is the gage makers tolerance chart. This chart is used to determine allowable tolerances gage makers follow when...
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