Mitutoyo 811-335-10 Durometer Analog Hardness Tester Shore A Compact, 10~90 Range, 1.0 Graduation

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Item Description

  • Range: 10~90
  • Graduation: 1.0
  • Scale: Shore A
  • Indenter: Blunt taper (Tip diameter: 0.79mm)
  • The Dial Durometer is provided with a peak retaining hand for error-free reading
  • Durometers are suitable for testing natural rubber, neoprene, polyesters, PVC, leather, thiokol, nitril, wax, vinyl, cellulose acetates, glass, polystyrol and other materials
  • Test block set 64AAA964 (sold separately)
  • Durometer stand 64AAA962 (sold separately)
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