Mitutoyo 810-298-10 Hardmatic Hardness Tester, Type HH-411

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Item Description

  • HH-411 is a rebound type portable hardness tester for metal with a compact body and high operability
  • It allows anyone to perform hardness testing easily at the touch of a key, so it can be used widely on various components in the field
  • Impactor: Impact hammer with integrated detector and carbide-ball tip
    (D type: conforming to ASTM A 956) 
  • Display unit: 7-segment LCD
  • Functions: Auto angle compensation, Off set, 
    OK/NG judgment, Hardness scale conversion
  • Data storage (1800 data entries) 
  • Statistical analysis (Average, Maximum, Minimum, Dispersion) 
  • Auto sleep function
  • Impact counter display function
  • Testable workpiece
  • Thickness: Minimum 5mm or more
  • Mass: 5kg or more in mass
  • Test points: 5mm or more from the edge of the
    sample, 3mm or more to each of the tested points
  • Surface roughness: Ra 10ìm or less
  • Power supply: Alkaline AA battery 2pcs or optional AC adapter (battery life: 70 hours) 

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