Mitutoyo 64PKA057A Lathe Package ABS/Glass Linear Scale 16"X60" w/KA-200 DRO

$ 1,725.00 | List Price: $ 1,890.00

Item Description

  • Range: X-Z Travel Range is 16”x60”.
  • Resolution: Selectable resolution down to .0001” or better
  • Type: X Axis Type AT116; Z Axis Type AT715
  • Mitutoyo's Linear Scale Systems tightly couple linear scale units with dedicated digital readout (DRO) units in order to accurately detect and display displacements for machine tools, measuring tables, 3D printers, XY tables, or any application requiring measured lengths or accurate positioning. Packages are available for popular machine sizes or systems can be configured to best meet your specific application. Scale units have many measuring length ranges and the display units feature remote zero setting, switchable resolution and multipurpose one-touch macro keys. The Linear Scale System is easy to use and reliable, which can dramatically improve machining accuracy and efficiency.
  • Features: 
    • KA-200 Counter
    • AT116 and AT715 linear scale combinations (with cables)
    • Mounting bracket kit
    • Counter tray
    • Additional extension cable (2m) included in 60" and 72" packages

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