Mitutoyo 422-421 Digimatic Blade Micrometer, Non-Rotating Spindle, 0-1.2"/0-30.48mm Range, .00005"/0.001mm Resolution *USED/RECONDITIONED*

$ 390.00 | List Price: $ 1,010.00

Item Description

  • Range: 0-1.2"/0-30.48mm
  • Resolution: .00005"/0.001mm
  • Accuracy: +/- .00015"
  • The anvil and the spindle have a blade for measuring the groove diameter of shafts, key ways, and other hard-to-reach areas
  • Ratchet Stop for constant force
  • Speedy spindle feed of 10mm / .4"/rev. (Quickmike type)
  • Non-rotating spindle
  • Origin-set, Zero-setting, data hold, data output, inch/mm conversion 
  • With SPC data output
  • *Quality Used Item - professionally inspected, refurbished (if needed) and verified to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. The following could possibly apply for this item: opened packaging, ID number, prior stickers or markings on gage and/or case.
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