Mitutoyo 264-621 U-Wave Fit U-Wave-TC Transmitter for Mitutoyo Calipers, Buzzer Type Model *SHOWROOM ITEM 23*

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Item Description

  • The Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit U-Wave-TC Transmitter sends data from 4", 6", 8", 12", IP67 calipers and standard calipers to the U-Wave-R receiver connected to a computer. In order to use the U-Wave measurement data wireless communication system you will need the following three parts: U-Wave-R Receiver, U-Wave-TC Transmitter (this product), U-Wave_Fit Connection Unit (for your specific Mitutoyo device)
  • The U-Wave-TC transmitter connects to a digimatic Mitutoyo caliper and transmits data points and measurements up to 60 feet. Note: images shown above show both the U-Wave-TC and the connection unit. The U-Wave-TC has the following features:
  • Communication range up to 60 feet.
  • Connect up to 100 U-Wave-T units with one U-Wave-R receiver.
  • The transmitter is designed to fit in the space behind the display, and the connecting cable has been replaced by a rigid connector.
  • 2.4GHz wireless system for reliable and secure data transmission.
  • Easy data export to Microsoft, Excel or SPC software applications.
  • Transmitter confirms data transfer by an LED signal or buzzer.
  • IP67 transmitter is available to ensure a coolant-proof system.
  • 2 Options Available: Model 264-620 LED light only (IP67 model), and Model 264-621 LED & Buzzer (buzzer model)
  • Showroom Items: Limited Quantities. Excellent condition.  Original protective wrapping or bag may be missing or open.  Packaging, box and /or case (if applicable) is intact but may have slight markings  No signs of wear on the item (used for display and/or demonstration purposes only).  All gages come with Mitutoyo one year product warranty and will be professionally inspected and verified prior to shipment by our ISO 9001:2015 ACCREDITED SERVICE DEPARTMENT to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.
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