Mahr Federal 2095199 Dimensionair Air Gage Metric, 4000:1 Magnification *DEMO*

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Item Description 

  • Dimensionair air gages (single master system) Millimar D-4000M


  • Range of analog display µm: ± 38 µm
  • Graduation mm: 0,5 µm
  • Magnification: 4000:1
  • Inputs for pneumatic measuring equipment: 1
  • Package contains: adapter for pneumatic plug gages, Federal compatible, air filter, supply hose AHO-2
  • Operated with regular workshop compressed air (3–10 bar).
  • Zero offset of the instrument with just one setting standard and the zero adjuster.
  • Clear display with fine scale graduation and needle-thin pointer gives an accurate, reliable readout. An integrated air filter removes dust and dirt particles from the air supply.
  • Equipment connection on the front of the device. Hand tightening is sufficient for tight connections.
  • Existing air tooling must match range of dimensionair unit. 

  • *Demo item - professionally inspected and verified to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. The following could possibly apply for this item: demonstration use only, opened packaging, slight markings on item, box and/or case.  

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