Mahr Federal 2033001 Millimess Maxum III Indicating Display Unit without SPC

$ 449.00 | List Price: $ 499.00

Item Description

  • Large, high contrast digital, analog and fan display for better readability while testing flatness and concentricity as well as for searching the reversal point in bores
  • Interchangeable dials
  • Inductive absolute measuring system
  • Metal cast housing with robust buttons
  • Functions: 
  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • mm/inch
  • Reversal of counting direction
  • RANGE (switch the measuring range and resolution)
  • ABS (reference to the electrical zero point)
  • TOL (enter tolerance limit values)
  • MAX/MIN memory for searching the reversal point
  • TIR (MAX-MIN) for testing flatness and concentricity
  • HOLD (storage of measured values)
  • Without SPC data output
  • Photo provided for representation purpose only 

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