Mahr EGH-1028 (2008016) Groove Bottom Probe with 90° Conical Diamond Stylus, 10mm / .0004“ Radius

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Item Description

  • Mahr Groove Bottom Probe for measuring the bottom of grooves, recesses and small holes to depths of 6.35 mm/.25".

  • For use with Mahr/Federal Pocket Surf  Portable Surface Roughness Gage

  • Also used for short lands and shoulders. With 90° conical diamond stylus, 10 μm/ .0004“ radius.

  • For Use With

    Pocket Surf Portable Surface Roughness Gage

    Minimum Measurement (mm)


    Minimum Measurement (Decimal Inch)


    Maximum Measurement (mm)


    Maximum Measurement (Decimal Inch)


    Size (micro m)

    10.00 (Radius)

    Size (Decimal Inch)

    0.0004 (Radius)

    Roughness Parameter Type

    Ra; Rmax; Ry; Rz

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