Fowler 53-646-096 Measuring Microscope 100X with 90 Degree Crosshair Reticle, 10X Objective & 10X Eyepiece *NEW - Overstock Item*

$ 230.00 | List Price: $ 480.00

Item Description

  • Working Distance: .224″ (5.7mm)Ø
  • Field of View: .057″ (1.45mm)Ø
  • Focus of the eyepiece is highly corrected for chromatic aberration
  • All microscopes are mounted on a self-contained stand
    All microscopes include a pen light powered by AA dry cell batteries and a bracket
  • Reticle supplied as standard equipment has fine 90 degree crosshairs
  • Reticle can be rotated within the axis of the instrument and focused for individual eyesight
  • Microscope tubes supplied with a screw type adjustment for 2-1/2″ vertical movement
  • All units include a built-in height/depth scale with .1mm graduations
  • Main image for representational purposes only 
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