Fowler 52-725-328 Micro-Surface Scale, Vertical Grinding, 1" x 5/8" Size *NEW- Open Box Item*

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Item Description

  • Machining method: Vertical Grinding
  • Number of specimen: 6
  • Micro Inches Ra: 8 - 250
  • Microns Ra: .2- 6.3
  • N Nos.: 4 - 9 
  • Used by draftsmen, designers and Quality Control inspectors, Fowler's pocket-sized Micro-Surface Scales measure 1" x 5/8" and weigh only 3 oz. (70g).
  • Enables user to obtain best results when assessing roughness by sight and touch. Plates marked with 'N' numbers, micrometers and micro inches Ra and Rz
  • Range provides standards for the seven most frequently used machining processes. AA values in micro inches and microns.
  • Tactile comparison, using a clean fingernail with moderate pressure, provides the best means of surface roughness assessment. (Slightest speck of dust acts as an abrasive.)
  • For certain surfaces, tactile comparison may be supplemented with visual comparison by using a 7 x or 10 x magnifier.
  • Includes protective wallet and instruction cards.
  • New - Open Box Item: Excellent condition. Original protective wrapping or bag may be missing or open. Packaging, box and/or case is intact but may have slight markings (please see photos). No signs of wear on the item.  
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