Fowler 52-563-272 Girod-Tast "Vertical" Test Indicator, 0.8mm Range, 0.01mm Graduation *NEW - OVERSTOCK ITEM*

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Item Description

  • Range:  0.8mm
  • Graduation:  0.01mm
  • Dial Diameter:  28mm
  • Dial Reading:  0-40-0
  • Point Length:  12.5mm
  • Rugged one-piece housing, corrosion resistant with satin chrome finish
  • For high accuracy and repeatability, six bearings are jeweled.  Reinforced flanges
  • Adjustable ball bearings guarantee perfect point movement under all conditions. 
  • Contact point can be displaced 210°
  • Automatic reversing contact point
  • Shockproof and nonmagnetic.
  • Microfine graduations
  • Three dovetails; top, back and bottom for easy mounting and positioning
  • Measuring pressure—7 grams
  • Movement not influenced by any outside pressures, and measuring value transmitted by means of rack and pinion
  • Face Dia. 1" and 1-1⁄2" for easy reading
  • Adjustable bezel and dial are easily set and reset to zero
  • With fitted plastic case

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