Fowler 52-243-212-1 Inside Micrometer Set, 2-12" Range .001" Graduation *NEW - Open Box Item*

$ 98.00 | List Price: $ 225.00


  • Range: 2-12"
  • Graduation: .001"
  • Accuracy: .00005″ x (3 + L″/2)
  • Each set consists of an inside micrometer head and a series of fully hardened and lapped extension rods of different lengths all with carbide measuring faces
  • Anvil and spindle are hardened and precision ground with micro-lap finish on ends
  • Spindle thread hardened, ground & lapped
  • Microfine graduations on satin chrome
  • Positive locking nut on spindle
  • It is recommended that the inside micrometer with a rod be calibrated by a micrometer or ring gage
  • Coiled spring pressure contact type rods are each marked with appropriate length
  • Quick, easy zero adjustment on the sleeve
  • Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy specs.
  • Reference standard included with set
  • With wrench and a case
  • *New - Open Box Item: Excellent condition. Original protective wrapping or bag may be missing or open. Packaging, box and/or case is intact but may have slight markings (see photo if available). No signs of wear on the item. Gage could be obsolete/discontinued in brand new condition.

Limited Availability - Call 1.800.867.1433 or contact us.

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