Fowler 52-225-075-1 Premium Depth Micrometer 0-75mm Range, 0.01mm Graduation *NEW - OVERSTOCK ITEM*

$ 90.00 | List Price: $ 185.00

Item Description 

  • Range:  0 - 75mm
  • Graduation:  0.01mm
  • Accuracy:  +/- 0.005mm
  • Base Size:  62mm
  • Clear microfine graduations on satin chrome finish
  • Base constructed of hardened tool steel is precision ground and microlapped
  • All other surfaces are satin chrome finished
  • Quick and easy zero adjustment
  • Rods hardened, ground and lapped on measuring surfaces and adjustable in either direction
  • Interchangeable rods are fitted to the micrometer spindle against a positive stop and locked
  • Ratchet thimble
  • Threads hardened, ground and lapped for accuracy
  • With fitted plastic case 
  • NEW Overstock Item  

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