Fowler 52-090-008 Digi-Pitch Set of Holders *NEW - OVERSTOCK*

$ 45.00 | List Price: $ 110.00

Item Description 

  • Digi-Pitch Sets offer an affordable alternative to conventional pitch micrometers
  • Easy set up and calibration
  • Provides quick, accurate thread measurements
  • Can be used as a Go-NO/GO gage
  • No need for cumbersome measuring wires or measuring triangles
  • Can be used with electronic or conventional dial calipers
  • Permits the measurement of various diameters without changing measuring tools
  • Range of measurement is 0 to 4", 0 to 6" or 0 to 8" depending on the length of your caliper which translates to shop savings
  • NEW Overstock Item - please see photos
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