Starrett 81-181J Dial Indicator, 2.5mm Range, 0.01mm Graduation

$ 74.00 | List Price: $ 176.00

Item Description

  • Range: 2.5mm
  • Graduation: 0.01mm
  • Dial reading: 0-50-0
  • Rugged and simple unit construction with a “universally fitting” design
  • Sharp bezel serrations for positive grip
  • Unbreakable crystal
  • Hardened stainless steel stem
  • No-glare satin finish on case
  • Hardened stainless steel rack and spindle
  • Massive bridge for rigid bearing support
  • Hardened stainless steel gears and pinions
  • Non-reflecting white eggshell finish on dial
  • Jewel Bearings
  • Dial color: yellow
  • Stem diameter: 8mm
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