Mitutoyo 468-979 Digimatic Holtest Set, 2-4"/50.8-101.6mm Range, .00005"/0.001mm Resolution, 2.5", 3.5" DIA Setting Ring

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Item Description

  • Range: 2-4"/50.8-101.6mm
  • Resoluton: .00005"/0.001mm
  • Individual range: 2-2.5", 2.5-3", 3-3.5", 3.5-4"
  • Setting ring sizes: 2.5", 3.5" DIA
  • Measure deep holes by attaching an extension rod (included)
  • Interchangeable head set
  • TiN-coated measuring contact points provide excellent durability and impact resistance and allow the instrument to measure to the bottom of a blind hole
  • Large LCD readout
  • Functions available: Presetting, Zero/ABS, Auto power On/Off, Data hold, Data output, Error alarm, Battery replacement alarm
  • Ratchet Stop provides constant force
  • Optional setting rings available for zero point adjustment
  • With fitted plastic case 
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