Mahr 4333905 1004 Z Millimess (Compramess) Drip-Proof Dial Comparator, ±.0050" Measuring Range, .0001" Readings *USED/RECONDITIONED*

$ 138.00 | List Price: $ 595.00

Item Description

  • Range: ±.0050"
  • Readings: .0001"
  • Measuring force: 1N
  • 5-0-5 dial reading
  • Shock-proof mechanism 
  • Easy to read scale
  • Adjustable tolerance markers
  • Box type protective housing, IP54
  • Lockable fine adjustment screw
  • Constant measuring force
  • Maximum sensitivity and accuracy are ensured by the jeweled movement and in conjunction with the precision gears and pinions
  • Made in Germany
  • *Quality Used Item - professionally inspected, refurbished (if needed) and verified to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. The following could possibly apply for this item: opened packaging, ID number, prior stickers or markings on gage and/or case. 
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