Fowler 54-110-540 Sylvac Ultralight Electronic Caliper, 0-40"/0-1000mm Range, .0005"/0.01mm Resolution *USED/RECONDITIONED*

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Item Description

  • Range: 0-40"/0-1000mm
  • Resolution: .0005"/0.01mm
  • Accuracy: +/-.0025"/0.06mm
  • Fowler/Sylvac's line of lightweight heavy-duty electronic digital calipers include ranges to 60"(1500mm) and resolution of .0005"(.01mm). This has been achieved by designing a well-balanced instrument utilizing state-of-the-art material technology. Functional parts are made of the latest wear-resistant materials. For example, the main beam is a hardened stainless steel box construction filled with epoxy resin for stability, strength and lightness.
  • Ideal for hard to reach places
  • Incremental floating zero
  • Deviations are read out directly with no math
  • Two moveable jaws can be independently locked in any position. Jaws can be adjusted over the length of the beam
  • Completely re-engineered measuring sensor is a marked improvement of the proven Sylvac capacitive measuring system
  • Large, high-contrast LCD display indicates in/mm, hold and zero functions
  • Low drain, high efficiency lithium wafer battery—4500 hrs. of continuous on-time
  • Direct inch/metric conversion
  • Direct RS232C output connects tool to any computer or printer without an interface
  • *Quality Used Item - professionally inspected, refurbished (if needed) and verified to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. The following could possibly apply for this item: opened packaging, ID number, prior stickers or markings on gage and/or case. 
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