Fowler 52-660-727-0 3-D Magnifocuser Binocular Magnifier Sighter, 2-1/4X Magnification *NEW - OVERSTOCK ITEM"

$ 29.00 | List Price: $ 45.00

Item Description

  • Binocular magnifier enhances the size and resolution of an object or image for a variety of applications including jewelry-making, watch-making, electronic inspection, book-reading, and various hobbies
  • Prismatic lenses provide a clear three-dimensional (3D) image
  • Adjustable headband has no moving parts to wear out and provides for hands-free use
  • Can be worn with glasses and bifocals
  • Diopter strength represents a specific magnification power (X). For example, a 5-diopter provides 2.5X magnification (at a distance of 8")
  • NEW Overstock Item

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